Student Nomination Story

Cami has actually taught two of my kiddos who had been previously homeschooled. It was her first year teaching when my two kids were enrolled in the middle of the year having no iep in place yet and one has never been enrolled in public school and the other was withdrawn in kindergarten. I was extremely nervous about all of it but due to things out of our control we had no choice. Cami made me feel comfortable from the beginning she even went as far as to let me attend school with them the first few days to make sure we all felt comfortable. Everyone was so comfortable that from day one the kids stayed all day long! Throughout the year the kids definitely had their challenges not unanticipated but stressful non the less and Cami rose to every occasion. Not long after starting school one of my children began expressing gender fluidity this is super common for autistic people but it came on hard and her and the staff never made us feel anything but wanted, welcomed, and safe. My kids were so disappointed when summer came and they weren't going to see her and her staff anymore. One of my kids moved up to middle school so this year she just has one and over the summer kiddo decided they wanted different pronouns and have been playing with names and once again her and her staff more then rose to the occasion practicing pronouns and helping each other out if they slip up I can't tell you the amount of respect I have for her and her whole team. We have a child with a progressive disease his care is pretty involved and she goes more then the extra mile to try and support our family and make things easier for us without ever making me feel bad for it. She let's us leave chicken nuggets up there in case kiddo doesn't like lunch, she does laundry if kiddo has accidents, she texts, she has a communication notebook and calls. I always feel comfortable popping into her class she has an open door policy and it is genuine. She brainstorms, she accommodates, she communicates, she's respectful, and receptive, and she LOVES her kids. This story ended up being a bit discombobulated but I think you get the gist. She is deserving of all the things and I am so grateful for her.

O keck

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