Student Nomination Story

In the 2022-2023 school year I decided to try something new. I wanted to become part of something that could make me a better person and could help me succeed and help me with going through the loss of my grandpa and the feeling of being bullied every year. I applied to Veterans Tribute with the goal of becoming a lawyer not knowing what elective to choose from. I chose JROTC, a course about military science. Its purpose is to motivate young people to become better citizens. Without knowing anything about the course I joined it. In my first week at the school, I found myself being cyberbullied not knowing where to turn. I turned to my Sergeant whose name is Sergeant Major Schoolfield. Sergeant Major Schoolfield helped me through the way he empowered me and helped me understand that they were bullying me because of things they wanted and not being any less than anyone at my school. Sergeant Major was by my side during the whole school year and helped me through everything I was going through and helped me understand that I need to not let anyone's opinion affect the way I think about myself. Sergeant Major is like a father figure to many kids. He is the teacher that every single student has a relationship with and he knows every student and asks every student how their day is going. Starting the 2022-2023 school year I found myself being cyberbullied again at the start of the year. This time Sergeant major was being a real hero and went back home to his mother who was ill and wasn't doing well. But about a week later, we found out that he would be returning. It was that moment when every single student realized that we all needed him and that he was the teacher that made us all feel safe at school. The day the sergeant major returned was the day that everyone felt better everyone started enjoying school again. Sergeant Major found out that a student dropped JROTC as a course because of financial reasons and when he found that out he took initiative and offered to pay for the course with his own paycheck. Sergeant Major never has a bad day and everyone is always happy when they get into the JROTC class.

Maya Ames

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