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Frequently Asked Questions

Who may be nominated?

Classroom teachers of any subject currently teaching in grades K-12, full-time or part-time, at any type of school (public, public charter, or private, for example) in the United States.

Who may nominate a teacher?

Current or former students, and parents on behalf of students (particularly the younger ones who may need a hand completing the nomination form!)

How do you decide which teachers will be Honorees?

The Honored team looks for inspiring stories about deserving teachers. Each teacher we honor has made an important positive impact--either personal, academic, or inspirational--on a student’s life. We honor a variety of teachers who embody the many different ways that teachers are changing lives every day across the country.

Will my teacher know about the nomination?

Yes! He or she will receive a “You’ve Been Honored” email. This is our way of honoring every teacher who has been nominated. The email will include your answer to the “How has your teacher changed your life?” question we ask below. We also sometimes feature nominations (without using names or other identifying features) on our social media feeds to showcase as many stories as possible.

How will I know if my teacher has been selected as an Honoree?

If your nomination is selected to move forward, Honored will contact you within approximately six months and then coordinate with your teacher and your school before making final decisions about Honoree selection.

If my teacher is selected as an Honoree, what happens next?

A writer will interview you, your teacher, and another person who knows your teacher well and will write an “Honoree Story” that will be published on our website (please click here for examples). You will participate in a photo shoot with a professional photographer and your photos will be featured on our website and social media. Also, your teacher will receive a well-deserved $5,000 cash award!

All great stories have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Here are some questions to help you write yours. Choose a few and go from there!


Tell us a little about yourself.
What was your attitude toward school before you met your teacher?
What were your biggest challenges and concerns before you met him or her?


Why is your teacher special?
What did your teacher do to help support you in your goals?
Were there things your teacher said or did that really stuck with you?


Why are you grateful to your teacher?
How do you feel about school now?
Have your dreams for your future changed?