The criteria for being an Honoree is simple:

Each teacher we honor has made an important impact—either personal, academic, or inspirational—on a student’s life.

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Our Honorees teach in rural, suburban, and urban areas across the country.

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Our Honorees teach any and all subjects at public, public charter, and private schools.

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Nominations are made by students, and only students, because we value students’ voices and we believe that they can provide the truest testimonials to a teacher’s impact. Every nominee receives a congratulatory “You’ve Been Honored” email. This is our way of honoring every teacher who has been nominated.

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How do we recognize and reward our Honorees?

We widely share the stories of the profound impact these teachers have on their students. The world-class writers with whom we partner are uniquely able to capture the poignancy of these stories. In addition to public recognition, each Honoree receives a much-deserved, unrestricted cash award of $5,000 and will also be featured on our Honor Roll page.

How Does Honored Help Elevate All Teachers?

The Science

A consistent and supportive connection with a trusted teacher can build beneficial oxytocin, reduce stress-induced cortisol, and optimize the brain’s ability to learn, retain, and use new information.

The Result - 1

High school students who said they had at least one teacher who made them feel excited about the future were 4.4 times more likely to be involved in and enthusiastic about school than those who did not. These students were also 1.9 times more likely to be thriving in their lives than those who didn't have a teacher who excited them about the future.


The Result - 2

Positive and close teacher-student relationships have been found to have significant academic and social benefits at every stage of school.

Source: Bergin C, Bergin D. Attachment in the classroom. Educ Psychol Rev. 2009

Why Recognizing Teachers Matters

Recognition is a powerful way to keep exceptional teachers engaged and fulfilled and prevent attrition...yet teachers are not adequately recognized.

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Exceptional teachers who receive private and public recognition plan to keep teaching at their schools for nearly twice as long.

71 percent

of teachers say they have not recently received recognition.


Why Changing the Perception Matters

Our mission is to create a culture in which teaching is accorded the level of prestige commensurate with its impact and importance. Influencing the portrayal of teachers in all forms of media is an important part of the strategy. We believe that changing the perception of teaching will not only keep great teachers in the classroom; it will also help attract a new generation of future teachers to the profession.


An international study that assessed the social status and occupational esteem of teachers found that in the United States, teaching as a profession is much less highly regarded than it is in many other countries.

78 percent

of teachers say the negative portrayal of teachers in the media is a major source of workplace stress.

55 percent

of teachers agree that they are not treated with respect by the media.


Honored does more than give much-deserved recognition to individual teachers; we elevate ALL teachers, current and future.