Our Mission

Honored is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to honoring and elevating great teachers. By celebrating the extraordinary impact teachers have on the lives of their students, Honored’s initiatives help to engage, inspire, and retain great teachers across the country.

Through two distinct programs, Honored National and Honored Schools, Honored’s innovative platform empowers students and families to provide teachers with meaningful affirmation at a time when teacher burnout and attrition are at crisis levels. These public tributes provide the individualized recognition and feedback that research shows keeps teachers in the classroom and inspired to advance in their craft.

Careers at Honored

All positions currently open at Honored are posted on this webpage.  Please check back again soon if no openings are listed.

Please submit all applications to [email protected].

Please include all of the following information in or attached to your submission email:

  • Subject line that includes the full title of the position for which you are applying
  • Resume attached that includes all relevant work experience
  • Letter of interest that briefly describes why you are applying to work in this role at Honored
    • We are a mission driven organization, and we believe the most important attribute a candidate can have is a shared belief in the value of our work.
    • Please do not worry about recapping your entire work history in this letter. We’ll use your resume for that.
  • In the body of your email, please share:
    • Your first and last name, preferred name if it’s different than your first name, and pronouns;
    • Any alternate email addresses;
    • Preferred daytime phone number; and
    • If you have upcoming travel or other commitments that could prevent you from being available to complete virtual interviews with us in the next 4-6 weeks, so we can accommodate your schedule.

We give every application our full attention; however, we are unable to respond to individual inquiries on the status of an application. You will receive an auto-reply message letting you know that we have received your application, and the appropriate hiring manager will contact you if we wish to pursue your candidacy.

Current Openings

There are no openings at this time.