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Our branding is inspired by the symbolic north star. Like guiding stars in the night sky, great teachers helps students navigate their own paths.

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“We are recognizing these teachers for their amazing work, their dedication to their students, their commitment to making sure every single student receives an excellent, equitable education,” Dr. Hinojosa said.”

“Worthington Hooker School Margaret-Mary Gethings said Alden is kind, has great energy, and celebrates everyone’s culture.”

“There were 1,400 nominations, but Friday it was revealed that Worthington Hooker School 2nd-grade teacher Hilarie Alden was the honoree.”

“Hooker School’s Whitney Avenue auditorium was filled with students, staff, district leaders, and family members, who all celebrated the impact that Alden has had on everyone in the school community…”

“Three teachers in Spring Independent School District will be getting an award for impacting their communities within the school.”

“A Hartland teacher with a love for performing arts has been nationally recognized for her work.”

“Yaritza Sifuentes sees herself in so many of her students. She understands the struggle, the pressure, the long odds her students face.”

“It was a day filled with excitement, energy and surprises at East Rock School in New Haven as Spanish teacher Magda Colon received the Life-Changing Teaching Award.”

“New Haven School officials hope this is the beginning of a long relationship with Honored Schools and there will be many more of these celebrations in the years to come.”

“Colón was one of over 250 New Haven teachers nominated for the award thanks to the New Haven Public Schools (NHPS) district’s partnership with a teacher-recognition nonprofit called Honored Schools.”

“Local teacher recognized for her inspiring work.”

“Teacher at teen mom school wins $5K prize; nominated by her own student.”

“Isai German, a teacher at Brawerman East Elementary School, was recently chosen as a Transformative Teacher.”

“How do you inspire teachers as we face a teacher shortage and pandemic learning challenges?”

“Every student enters their teachers classrooms with different needs that can result in unique challenges.”

“When asked how Daniel describes his relationship with her, Luzitano said that it's hard for Daniel to put it into words, but there's a sense of comfort and acceptance.”

“Tidewater Elementary School teacher Sophia Limjoco said it didn't take her long to figure out how she wanted to spend a $5,000 check she had been given.”

“In the words of National Education Association (NEA) union leader Becky Pringle: “The educator shortage is a five alarm crisis.””

“A Juarez-Lincoln High School teacher’s passion for education was recently recognized by his students who nominated him for a $5,000 award.”

“At a time when districts are struggling to hire teachers, one Wake County teacher says she received a huge surprise. A student nominated her for a national award, showing the…”

“Morris Hills high school teacher Andres Diaz and his former student Omar Lisojo joined PIX11 Morning News to talk about the recognition and award Diaz received from the nonprofit "Honored."”

“In his nomination of Diaz for the Honored National Teaching Award, Lisojo wrote: 'Thank you for being an amazing teacher and now a lifelong mentor. If I can be half…”

“Before every English class, Andres Diaz writes a question on the board for his students to ponder. He calls it a “scribbler.””

“Rodney Johnson has been walking the hallways of Huntington Middle since the doors first opened in 2005. He isn't just the school's technology teacher, though...”

“Kids need someone they trust, someone who they know is looking out for them. And for so many kids, he’s that person. He’s the reason they want to come to…”

“My classes during virtual school were 40 minutes, and we would spend 15 a day talking about mental health. That could be a superpower: a laser focus on the importance…”

“DPS Teacher Receives Special Honor: Justin Barney Recognized for Focus on Mental Health”

“This pandemic has been very hard...but David being in Ms. Balsam's class is one of the highlights of the year.”

“Her dedication and tenure have helped many of her students...understand the world around them, and she constantly teaches the importance of kindness for all.”

“Since the age of 23, I've been on a constant journey to improve as a teacher – and after 20 years, I'm still learning.”

“Receiving a thank you from a student is all the recognition we need to feel appreciated, and to feel like we’re doing our job.”

“If we can consciously and systematically recognize and reward great teachers, we can help ensure that great teachers stay in the classroom longer and that a new generation of talent…”

“He won’t take ‘no’ as an answer; if you’re not doing his work, he’ll push you and push you until you do.”

“Mendoza credits his success to the teachers who inspired him throughout his life. He wants to do the same for his own students at Gadsden High, many of whom face…”

“If I hadn't gone to Eagle Rock and met Jon, I probably would have dropped out of high school. I would be a completely different person.”

“Kristen McClintock is being celebrated this month by Honored for stepping up when Hurricane Harvey hit and doing a job many people would have never thought of doing.”

“'I knew there were kids who needed my help,' said McClintock. 'A disaster of that nature is hard for any child to understand, much less a child with special needs.…”

“'Gabby Chase is an inspiring example of the impact that high-quality teachers can have on their communities,' said Cory Booker, the junior United States Senator from New Jersey.”

“Research suggests that teachers who are recognized actually plan to stay in the classroom twice as long, so that recognition is really important.”

“In August, Aldridge was recognized by Honored, a national nonprofit that aims to recognize teachers across the country in a variety of school environments.”

“Aldridge was selected [as an Honoree], with Atlantic contributing editor Andrew Exum, who is also a veteran, penning her profile.”

“The event also recognized Karen Sonneborn and Katherine Boone's new organization, Honored, which identifies and rewards outstanding K-12 teachers for their commitment to students.”

“Blanco is credited with leading a digital revolution at the Bronx school. He proposed a new position for himself - technology coordinator - to educate students on essential digital skills…”

“The kids know he believes in them, that’s the thing. It’s asset-based: You guys have something to offer the world.”

“Mr. Blanco really taught me what being a leader meant. He would ask, ‘What do you think is the next best step?’ instead of giving us all the answers.”

“That type of investment in saying ‘thanks to educators’ is a significant financial gift that really makes a difference in our lives.”

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