"Mrs. Kelly told me, "You are going to become somebody great and I can't wait to see it happen."

"I still go to Jena Gump's classroom when I have a had a hard day at home with my younger kids, when something goes wrong and I need a hug. She is MY role model as a mother."

"Mrs. Arthur makes everyone feel like home, a place where your stories would be heard, and someone that cares about you."

"Señor Poore saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself."

"Even though I was in special education, she treated me like I wasn’t. I became the captain of the school's volleyball team. Ms. Espitia came to all of my games, cheering me on, and embarrassing me in the stands."

"16 days. 16 days is all it took for her teacher to change her feelings and attitude towards school. "

"She has made me more myself."

The Honor Roll recognizes every teacher
who has been nominated for the Honored award.
Every single nomination matters:
Research shows that teachers who see the impact
they have on students’ lives stay engaged and inspired,
and they continue teaching longer.

We congratulate all our outstanding nominees
and commend them for the life-changing work they do,
day in and day out, for students across the country!