Student Nomination Story

Kathryn Landis has done amazing things for the music program at Hanover Public School District. She cares deeply for every student she teaches, and it is her goal to create a safe and welcoming environment for every student at Hanover. Hanover Public School District is a Title 1 school district. Many of the students in the district are living in poverty. Kathryn’s goal is to provide opportunities for these students that they would not otherwise get. She teaches band and music at Hanover Middle School and High School. She started working at Hanover in 2019. During her first season, Kathryn only had 27 students in her 7-12 marching band. In her 2022 student, Kathryn had 70 students enrolled. She has gotten so many students in her programs, and have guided them to success! Under Kathryn’s leadership, the band has performed in The National Independence Day Parade in Washington D.C., The Penn State Blue Band Jam with the Penn State Blue Band, at Gettysburg College, at the University of Maryland, at a Millersville University football game, locally in York, Gettysburg, and Hanover, and will be travelling to perform in NYC later this year. Her MS ensembles have also performed at Hershey Park, in Gettysburg PA, at a York Revolution baseball game, and at many other events. She hopes to continue to push her students in their music education and to allow them to see the world through her program! Kathryn has also been invited to present as a clinician at the PMEA festival, at Penn State University, and at Lebanon Valley College. Her student’s adore her, and she can’t wait to build her program even more in the next few years and show even more students her passion and love for music AND FOR THEM!

Tyler Turpen

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