Student Nomination Story

Mrs. Gager is the inclusion specialist for a team of 4th grade teachers at Monroe Elementary School. She is the kindest sweetest teacher who is always sure to provide students with undivided attention. When I would help at a school party I would watch the way she spoke with the students. Her words were genuine and her love was that of a family member truly interested in what the kids had to say. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, Mrs. Gager worked closely with her team and helped identify students that were at risk and made it a mission to help these students. My daughter is one of the students Mrs. Gager personally took on. I know from being a teacher myself that our work loads are full and I also know that special education teachers have an even higher workload due to the fact that they have a tremendous amount of paperwork to contend with for each child on their caseload. Mrs. Gagers experience and dedication to the students of Monroe is in my opinion unmatched. I have been teaching 20 years and I have never seen a team work so well and an inclusion specialist be able to make so much progress with students. Of course Mrs. Gager has an amazing team of teachers to work with and I'm sure her success is aided by the team goals and focus. During this Covid-19 pandemic I have listened to the Zoom meetings Mrs. Gager has had with my daughter. Now, I am even more impressed at her ability to make a difference in these kids lives. Every day she greats them like they are each individually loved. Her words of encouragement clearly come from her heart. In her conversations with my daughter I hear continual praise and support, it is no wonder my daughter loves Mrs. Gager. Undoubtably, the students know she believes in them. I am friends with many parents who have also mentioned how impressed they are with Mrs. Gager's dedication to the children. The time Mrs. Gager spends individually with students and communicating with parents is unmatched. She goes above and beyond the level of commitment most teachers can provide even during these crazy times. If we could give her a medal of excellence, we certainly would. I hope you will help select Mrs. Gager with recognition of honor. Thank you

Emmy Phillips

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