Student Nomination Story

Ms. Espitia is not only a teacher, but like a second mom. I first met Ms. Espitia when I was in 6th grade. She was my teacher to support my exceptional needs. I was shy and not comfortable in my own skin. Ms. Espitia immediately changed that, she taught me to be confident, to speak up, to be a leader, and most importantly believe in myself. She got me involved in volleyball and basketball. Even though I was in special education, she treated me like I wasn't. I became the captain of the school's volleyball team. Ms. Espitia came to all of my games, cheering me on, and embarrassing me in the stands. She then told me I was too smart for her class! I started to mainstream into 7th grade math and got to grade level. Then next step for me was to begin 8th grade in the general education classes. At first I was nervous and scared, but soon found out that if I had a problem or was struggling, Ms. Espitia was still there to help me. Ms. Espitia also went out of her way to help my family get me braces. If it weren't for her guiding me through life, I wouldn't be the confident, intelligent, athletic, and goal-oriented person I am today!

Angelica Landeros

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