Student Nomination Story

My name is Yuki and I am a junior at Monta Vista High School. This is the second year with Mrs. Brostowicz who is the teacher I want to nominate. I moved to the US when I was a freshman. At that time, I did not adapt to US life very much, I did not have many friends and my grades were not great so my attitude towards school was to not to have any expectations for myself. I did not form my own opinions, so I just listened to others like a small piece in the corner of the wall. When my Sophomore year started, I started to take Japanese but I did not have any other clear goals besides it. I thought I might need to try more things, but I was not interested in anything. I do not like being controlled by my parents through torturing me on my academics either. At that time, I met Mrs. Brostowicz. She did not start to introduce the methods or other things related to history at first. Instead, she asked us to do an assignment to set up our goals for the school year. Also, she told us to smile every day to have a positive attitude towards our life, not only history class. This does not exist in my other teacher's way of teaching. She is a special teacher because she not only teaches us history but also teaches us the way towards a positive and happy life. From that day on, I have enjoyed school life so much more. This is my first changing point that my history teacher made on me. I started to like my history teacher and try to follow her way of being happy in school. "Remember to smile!" That was the first reminder for us during the first discussion in class. After we enter the formal history studies, one of the assignment gave me a huge impression is to ask us to write a story that applies the Bill of Rights in the US to our student life. When I was working on this assignment, I feel that history is not only a class that learn about life in the past but also a class that teaches us how to apply the passing "experiences" of the world to nowadays life. This assignment produced my second changing point which is I became interested in history which is the subject I used to not put expectations. I also start to apply historical concepts to my daily life. I also started to have my own thoughts and own value: Liberty. She treated every student fairly whether the student's grade is good or bad. This is very different from the teacher in the school I used to went to before I moved to the US. She is like a sun provide sunshine equally to everyone as the name of one of my favorite J-pop songs "The sun will not choose the people who raise their head."She smiles at everyone in the school and in classes and always creates a very happy atmosphere when having classes. She made learning fun. She cares about me very much. One Friday approaches a Tuesday's unit test, I told Mrs. Brostowicz that on the day of the test, I have two other tests to take for Math and Chemistry, after that, she pushed the test one day later as I didn't expect. In history class, she said "I decided to change the test day to Wednesday" but did not say the reason. I think she changed the test one day late in order for me to prepare for the other two tests and really touching so I decided to study harder on history in return because besides studying harder on the subject she teaches, I did not know anything else. "You don't need to study that much history!" This is the thing Mrs. Brostowicz said that stuck with me. This is the phrase she said throughout the whole school year. "Just because I enjoy it!" I said this as my response. I was also surprised by my direct response. When the final of the first semester approaching, I chose to do an optional interview with Mrs. Brostowicz and said the words I really want to say:" I think I need to be thankful for meeting my history teacher this year. I used to don't expect myself but when I met such a good history teacher, I finally know the pleasant of founding interest in a subject and work hard on it. I also need to be thankful for 'I don't need to study that much history' because it might means I did a good job on history. I decided to get a Purple & Gold Award in history this year because I think I can do that." Also, I asked Mrs.Brostowicz " How am I look like in your mind?" "For history class, you work hard and have a positive attitude on every assignment and test. You are also very energetic as well both in class and out of class. Also, you like to think a lot in school as well." I was pretty happy because I finally found the true me. When the second semester started, I studied much harder. In the first test for the second semester, I got 95% which beats the records of all the current tests in my Sophomore year. "You did pretty well!" Mrs. Brostowicz said. She encourages me when I made a success but also have a depression point as well. On the next test which is the Great Depression, I did not get an ideal score which was only 78% due to I did not have much time to prepare but she did not blame me. "It's so sad to get a such low score." "You have already tried your best." She said. "I believe you will not give up right?" Mrs. Brostowicz, these are all the things I remember from Sheltered US History when we were physically in school. In March, due to COVID-19, the school was transferred to remote learning. At the end of my Sophomore year, I received a surprise from school: Social Studies Purple & Gold Award because it might be just a wish because Mrs. Brostowicz has 150 students. What did I do to become the "center" of the 150 students! I felt so touched by it and emailed Mrs. Brostowicz. She said "Hi, Yuki, I know you were really hard and I appreciate how you apply historical happenings, concepts, events, and people to your life and the world today. Congratulations! Thanks for all of your efforts!" Mrs. Brostowicz, I think I might need to thank you first because if I did not meet you, I don't know I can make such a big success. This year, junior year, I am taking World History Sheltered with Mrs. Brostowicz. Although the time in World History Sheltered passed with remote learning, the support from her didn't even stop once. I still keep the enjoy of World History from the passionate of US History Sheltered in Sophomore year. Me and Mrs.Brostowicz also already have a friend-feeling relationship since Sophomore as well. "I like history." Although there are only 3 words, they are very infective to me. Mrs. Brostowicz, I want to say: I am so pleased that you stick to what you enjoy. I think I can stick to what I enjoy as the same as you. I am so grateful to you because you made me dug out my passion for history and made me have a positive attitude in my life. I am also grateful that you made me believe there is only love in the world as well. After I meet you, I know my ability is infinity. I feel the school is such a nice place for me after I meet you. I have already decided on my future: I want to major in education and become a teacher like you in return. I, Yuki Wang, am grateful for Mrs. Brostowicz in one year 365 days. Not only 1 year but also forever.

Yuki Wang

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