Student Nomination Story

My fifth-grade teacher, Ms. Hallett, has made so many impacts on my life, it is hard to recall every moment possible, but I will try. First of all, Ms. Hallett supports her students in every possible way, not just academics. For example, once I had a play that I wanted her to go to. It was on a busy weekend before spring break, so I did not expect her to come. When she said that she had a previous commitment, I had lost all hope of her even considering coming. Fully aware of her previous commitment, Ms. Hallett canceled her appointment just to support me and my extra-curricular activities. Additionally, Ms. Hallett is thinking of her students and is willing to donate her time and money for the pure happiness and enjoyment of her students. For example, I was struggling to express my emotions, so my amazing teacher went out and bought me a brand new journal. Not only did she do that, but she also used her precious time off of work just to find an old journal of hers to read aloud to me in private during lunch. Another instance was a conversation that I overheard between her and another of my classmates. It was about the fact that two of my classmates had not received a book from Scholastic Book Orders. Ms. Hallett had gone to three stores just to find the two identical books. It warmed my heart to see such kindness out of such a small thing. Also, Ms. Hallett prepared us so well for middle school that it was nearly unbelievable. She first prepared us by having the same schedule every day to prepare us for periods and even gave us quick breaks between each subject. Also, she gave us two organization lessons weekly about how to use a binder, planner, and even gave us hole-punched papers for every worksheet and assignment. Finally, Ms. Hallett inspired me to follow my dream of becoming a Broadway actress. She told the story about how she had always loved working with children but also had a passion for musical theater. She tried to be on Broadway but kept asking herself "What good am I doing for the world?" She then realized that her true calling was in the classroom teaching students. This taught me that you should always follow your heart, but you will always do good in the world. This is a much more valuable lesson than all of the academic lessons she taught the class because this one was catered just for me.

Amalya Singer

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