Student Nomination Story

Ms. Barthole taught me for many years. She had such a strong impact on my education and who I am as a person today. Ms. Barthole inspired me to do my best and work as hard as I could. She found many ways to make class a place us students would want to be and put a lot of work into her work. Ms. Barthole was able to form an amazing student teacher bond with a lot of her students which was really amazing because it made us want to work a lot harder.

Lia Lavielle

Out of every teacher I have had from the beginning of grade school up to the end of middle school Nadine Barthole has particularly changed my life. I first had her as a teacher in 3rd grade teaching English literary arts. Although she was strict she always had my very best interest. It was always easy to communicate with her because she always strived to build a connection with every student she taught which help make everyone feel especially comfortable in her classroom. She never favored any student and her lessons were always so creative and entertaining that although writing hasn’t always been my favorite thing to do she made it so fun. Something that differed from other teachers I’ve had is she never made me feel embarrassed for answering a question wrong and she always explained everything that one of her students didn’t understand, making sure to have gotten her point across the whole class. She is so wise and strong and an overall wonderful person. I am so happy to have had her as a teacher and I will always be thankful for how Ms. Barthole has impacted my life.

Davida Dayle

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