Student Nomination Story

To whom this may concern- Our teacher, Ms. Mclntosh, is not only a teacher but also a friend, mother, and therapist. She is always willing to help and be there more than anyone I’ve ever known in my life. No matter if the student is in her class now, in the past, or in the future, she’s always there for everyone. With distance-learning being a thing this year, she has not only exceeded any and everything that she possibly can but also everything she has done has been so personal with everyone and their learning means. She is willing to help my child during her very little breaks, read and write with him, and help him as he is struggling to read. She goes above and beyond every day for her entire class and just makes every lesson so special. We have struggled a lot during COVID and cannot be more blessed and thankful that we have had such an amazing teacher in our lives to be here for everyone in my family. She is always happy to help anyone and help them succeed in any subject! She will make sure the kids understand and comprehend the necessary material. Yes, most teachers are always willing to help their kids in class, be there for them, and help them succeed, however, she goes above and beyond all the time. Our teacher definitely needs the recognition this year for not only teaching her class but also helping the distant learners not fall behind in school! We are so grateful to have her as a teacher!

Cason Cleghorn

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