Student Nomination Story

I had always been distant with my teachers. They were all kind, yet had never had the chance to really connect with them. School had never been my favorite. I liked my friends but class time was a bore. Except, Ms. Hansen's 3rd grade classroom felt like home, warm and welcoming. Even though I was such a young age, she will forever have an impact on me. I went to a small Catholic school, Queen of Apostles, and each year more people left, the number dropping like flies. The school eventually closed within years and is now knocked down but the memories stayed. My 3rd grade class shrunk down to only five people, all girls. Each and every one of us were like sisters and knew everything about each other. Ms. Hansen was older, had grandkids, she was a grandmother figure. She gave us tea and donuts during class and all of us girls would sit and talk. We shared stories or played games, those were the days I would look forward to most. We also would read stories and make live plays based on them, the other class grades would filter out watching the play. She always gave us something big to look forward to, every day was different. She showed us that school isn’t just about learning, it came with memories and built relationships. “How are you today?” She had asked each of us five every single day. It made me think, how am I really? I knew she never just asked as a greeting, she really cared. If something was wrong, she would listen and give her honest opinion. I felt super connected with Ms. Hansen because I have always been, and still am, close with my grandparents. She reminded me of them, loves kids and truly cares for them. Even in a classroom setting, always made sure they had something to eat. She wasn't a cranky, older woman that you come across in your school years. She was pure, calm, and happy. Her vibe alone was enough to make me happy about going to school. I had always had anxiety going to class at a young age because I had been attached to my mom. She made me feel calm about going, knowing that I would have a good time no matter what. It helped loosen me up because years later I ended up changing schools and going to a larger elementary school, Richmond. Her classes were interactive and fun, we would play games to have lessons taught to us or do an activity to help us understand it better. Most classes do that but it was something about that classroom and the people in it that made it better. I am not sure where she is today or how she is, but I hope for the best. Ms. Hansen, thank you for guiding me in the right direction and giving me a different perspective on school itself. I am beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to be able to be in your classroom and have such a good time. It is a memory I will keep forever.

Grace Evenson

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