Student Nomination Story

I haven't been here very long but the teacher that has made the biggest impact on me is Ms. Collins because she is a very good teacher. She always is there to help us and she explains how to do everything. She also makes learning interesting and fun. I think Ms. Collins is the teacher here who has made the biggest impact on me. She's also really nice and she cares about all her students a lot.

LaPorte Student

Collins' class is so far my favorite class because not only do I get my work done but we also have class discussions. Recently we talked about the 9/11 incidents. I learned about the sequence of events leading up to the crash into the pentagon. We talked about how if the plane had dropped its landing gear it would have hit the ground. Collins also makes sure we're up to date on current events by playing "CNN10."

E.M. Martin

I pick Ms. Collins because she's overall a good teacher. Not just because she helps me do my classwork, but also because she helps me and gives me advice and tips in life.

LaPorte Student

Mrs. Collins, I love you so much. You have been my favorite teacher since day one. You also have known me since I was 13 years old and I'm about to be 16 now. I'm happy to have had you teach me lots of things and bring me up on my worst days too! You're more than just a teacher. When I look at you and speak, I see you as a good mother, wife, sister, friend and all of the above. You're amazing and I would say perfect but no one is perfect. You're so amazing to me and wonderful. Thank you for being a good person!

T. Rankin

The teacher I nominate is Mrs. Collins because she teaches me not just about history but about other cool things. She is always there if you need to talk to her. Mrs. Collins is a great teacher, she also doesn't sugar coat anything and keeps it real. She is the best!

A. Griffin

I voted Collins because we get along so well. She understands me very well. She is caring and protective. She treats kids as her own. We have been very close since we transferred over from Madison. I love Collins. And she's very respectful.

N. Clayton-Hayes

A teacher that has helped me through this schooling would have to be Mrs. Collins! She has always been there when I needed help. Mrs. Collins always has the answers for me when I needed help with my economics. I think she is a great teacher. She is always there when I am sad and need someone to talk to. She's my favorite teacher.


Collins has helped me through most of my struggles in learning in new and creative ways. She has helped me keep my grade up in U.S. History. I enjoy every second of every minute of every hour of class with her as my teacher. She is funny, sweet, and just as loyal as a teacher can get.


Collins teaches me true facts and things that are going on right now. Also she is funny and nice. She doesn't judge people and she treats everyone the same. She helps me with any question and doesn't get mad at me for what I say or how I say things. I like the way she teaches history because I can do it without getting mad or frustrated. She allows us to use our thoughts. I learn something new every day in her class. I haven't been here for long but she has impacted my life for the good.

LaPorte Student

A teacher that has impacted my life is Collins because she tries to talk to us and will help us if we're feeling down. She tries to impact everyone's life and she doesn't sugar coat what she tells us.


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