Student Nomination Story

Mrs.Cull By Aden Sansone, grade 11 My heart began to pump. A teacher I've never met was pulling up my grades on her computer. Embarrassed as she does it sitting there hot sweating with red cheeks. Knowing my grades aren't good. She looks at her screen and turns around with a smile then she says, “I can help you.” Ever since that day, high school hasn’t had a panic attack. I walk inside the door knowing someone cares. Asking for help wasn't a struggle. Mrs.Cull is the kindest, most genuine person I've ever met. One of the only people I know that can keep it real with me. I can laugh with her and I can have a serious conversation with her. Either way no matter what I feel no judgment. She doesn’t just help me either, she helps tons of kids at this school and I know they feel the same way about her as I do. Not everyone is as lucky and doesn’t have a teacher or mentor like Mrs.Cull, so every day is a good day at school. I knew I had someone who would help me. Ms cull helped me through my sophomore year because of her my grades were passing and my life wasn’t a stressful mess. Sometimes I have flashbacks to freshman year and am thankful someone put me in the right place. I can always look forward to Fridays as well. On Fridays, we always play games like UNO and have a fun time. It can help so much if you're having a bad week. Also around her, I am comfortable asking questions and asking for help which was something I really struggled with. She is also one of few people I feel like I can have a personal conversation with. I can pretty much tell her anything and she’ll either listen or give me advice and help me through the situation or problem. That’s why Mrs. cull is so important to me. She’s helped me so much over the years. Will be my favorite teacher of all time 100%. Ms.Cull thank you for everything you do not just for me but for this school people don't appreciate it enough. So I would like to let you know that someone acknowledges how great of a teacher you are at this school.

Aden Sansone

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