Student Nomination Story

Mr. Entsuah has changed my thoughts on science. I used to hate the subject, but once I started his class I realized how fun it could be. He makes learning enjoyable and I look forward to his class.

Angelina Pena

Mr.Entsuah has showed me how to constantly focus on and pay attention to your work that needs doing; even during chaos.I have a very talkitive and distracting class and he has taught me to block out the distractions holding me back from doing the best that I can be. All of that on top of being a exellent science teacher that has prepared me for high school next year. Mr. Entsuah has helped me perfect every subject that we have learned about. Being taught by Mr.Entsuah feels like a royalty at times with his comedic yet educational jokes and personallity.

Shawn Negron

He has changed my life by the way he makes each lessons. Mr. Entsuah makes each lessons interesting and shows documentary's about the lesson we are learning about. He has shown us documentary's about animals and how they hunt and survive in their habit. He always gets my interested in the lessons we learn about and make me think about how everything happens. Mr. Entsuah adds things that had happen in his life and connects it to the story. He even adds what happen to us and connects it to the lesson. He gives information for the future. Mr. Entsuah is fun but serious about his work but makes jokes about the things we learn. He brings in stuff from real life and makes it into a lesson.

Jorge Adan Ortega Hernandez

Because he like that

Diego Sanchez

He is recommending me for ap classes in high school and is giving me a head start in my pre-med journey.


Because he like that

Diego Rojo

He has encouraged me to do my work.

Amber Jimenez

he's nice and so so yeah

Kel c

because he told me too.

ajae johnson

My teacher is someone I look up to. Mr. Entsuah is very intelligent and kind. His class calms me down after a long day. I enjoy science class with him!

Tien Tran

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Diego Sanchez

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