Student Nomination Story

To many students, high school was the last place anyone would want to be. Getting through the day seems like the plan everyone has. My 7th period Spanish teacher, Mr. Cuellar has created a different atmosphere for students to purse the learning a different language as an enjoyment, not something worth a letter grade. As students, we always manage to learn something new, just like Mr. Cuellar did. His encouragement towards students has never failed to be present. He lets us know that he knows what he are going through; learning another language that is not your first, is difficult. He has given us a glimpse of his culture, values, beliefs, and background that help us understand where he stands, not only as a teacher, but him as a person. I moved to Keizer, Oregon from Sacramento, California the summer of my sophomore year; I have not had a teacher-student connection ever since. Aside from that, it has also been somewhat difficult to make friends. Eating lunch along with him and my friends, bringing up childhood memories, and our aspects of topics are what help me know him as a person I can trust and go to help for. This is Mr. Cuellar's first year teaching at McNary High School and it feels like he should have been here a long time ago. I am certain that he has not only helped me grow as a student, but as a person who now enjoys school in a way that makes learning a pleasure for me and students at McNary.

Lidia Valdez R.

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