Student Nomination Story

My teacher Ms.Bevilaqua is a foreign language teacher and she teaches deaf studies. In less than one school year I learned how to hold a conversation with her. She always checks on me whenever I’m being quiet, she asks me how’s my sister- who she also taught, and she’s so bright and wonderful. She opened my eyes to a completely new culture that I never knew dealt with so much segregation. I fell in love with signing and she always tells me how I’m such a natural at it. I’m going into my junior year now and even though I’m done with foreign language credits, I really wanted to take her class as an elective. Unfortunately, she’s just told all of us that she won’t be returning next fall. I literally cried, but i understood why. A lot of students would be cruel to her, of course I would always stop them but she does have other classes. Somehow despite all of that, she still remained so kind and she was so patient with all of us. I’ve been in school for eleven years now. There isn’t another teacher who could make me see the world as different as she did. There isn’t another teacher who I would call a hero. She overcame so much in life and continues to fight to be considered being equal with people of hearing. Lastly, there isn’t another teacher who I would ever consider being my favorite teacher. She’ll always be my favorite, even if I had the teacher from Freedom Writers. I remember when she was teaching my class some signs and there was the sign for “mean.” In order to sign it, you kind of had to do a little dance that is popular called the “woah” . She saw me doing the dance and laughed at me, then copied me. She also would have so many different games regarding asl, like telephone with signing, bingo, charades where we would describe people with signs. I’m really just going to miss learning from her and getting to sign with her. She is the best there could possibly be.

Isabel Ortiz

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