Student Nomination Story

When I first started high school I just wanted to graduate and that was it. I didn’t care about going to college or some fancy degree. I was all about the money I rather go to work than go to school. So I signed up for the technical school. Ms.sparacio the first day was sooo happy and I asked her if she was always like that and the class looked and said: “yeah all the time.” She asked me why I had chosen to come to the program and I told her to get out of math and regular classes and she laughed. A couple months had gone by and my grades started improving I started to really like the school I understood the importance of responsibility and time management and accountability. We began to get real close she treated every student like her own she was like your mom away from home. She would stay late to help with work from home schools she made phone calls weekly whether good or bad. She would give clothes, shoes, food, anything you needed she had. Most of the people that were all in different situations but she didn’t care she saw us for us. She pushed every single one of us to be our best. It’s my senior year and I’ve been looking forward to this year since the first grade. A worldwide tragedy struck and forced schools to shut down. My senior year was officially done no senior night, prom, graduation nothing. I fell into depression all my hard work went to waste in my head so I reached out to miss s. She pulled out all my accomplishments I got my CDA credential, 12 college credits, maintained an A average, captain of the varsity softball team, received a registry of excellence award, and soo much more. I stopped crying and kept pushing she made me realize that someone did care how far I came and all I did wasn’t for nothing. She showed me so much through the years and I wanna let her know that no gotta or award can show how much she means to her students.❤️

Seaira Anderson

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