Student Nomination Story

Mr. Theby has changed the world how I see Math and Science because there is a new way of learning this year it is called Eagle Academy and what that means is you learn at your own pace and I knew I was struggling at this subject so I was like I need this class really bad. So I walked into class on the first day of class and I was like man he is a really nice teacher and our first project in his class was a group project that made a sign called Eagle Academy and he went to the store and bought 8 canvas and 3 big pant jars to paint with and we got into groups to brainstorm ideas and so my group had problems thinking and so he comes over and says how are you do you need help and we said yes and he showed us what he was kind of thinking so we got an idea. So he said tomorrow I will assign you a poster that says Eagle Academy with an Eagle that will be drawn out and then we will put it together like a puzzle. So 5 months go by and we start to talk about Fraction and I needed help and he has a help table in his class for kids that need help. So I go and sit over there at the table and I get help with that subject and he was just so positive and caring that I needed help with this subject and. What I also love about this teacher is he also has his home life that he keeps separate from school and I always see him the hallway and he has a bright smile on his face and that just changes my day seeing him in the hallway with a bright smile and makes me so happy and wonderful. When I walk in his classroom I feel welcome and when he helps me I feel cared for and that someone is there for me and my education but when he sees that I am having a bad day he says go get a drink or come talk to me about it and when I tell him what is wrong he cares and he says hey everything will get better I promise and his positive attitude just puts me in a better mood everyday and when he is not at school I have an OK day because I do not see his bright smile and his positive attitude and that just changes my whole day even when I go home I am in a good mood and overall he just changes my day and has change my life .


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