Student Nomination Story

Dear Selection Committee, It is my great privilege to write this letter on behalf of Mrs. Diane Kingsley, 2nd grade teacher at Merritt Island Christian School. Have you ever had a child that has a hard shell that they escape into when they are uncertain of their environment, kind of like a turtle? These are the kind of kids that often fall under the radar, because they know how to get by unnoticed. That would be my child when placed in a school environment. Enter, Mrs. Diane Kingsley, second grade teacher at Merritt Island Christian School. She is INCREDIBLE. Let me tell you why in one sentence. I have NEVER seen my child, call out a teachers name in excitement or go in for a hug with a teacher, EXCEPT FOR MRS. KINGSLEY! A turtle who has learned that it is OK to come out of your shell at school! A turtle transformed! Mrs. Kinglsey is an organized teacher who builds EXCEPTIONAL bonds with her students like a guardian and a guide through structure and discipline. She is extremely dedicated to her students and parents. To be particular, she makes herself available and communicates diligently with students and parents, creating an environment of joint-collaboration to advocate for the very best of her EVERY student! Her ability to connect with the students and parents is superior. To give a particular example, she has assisted my child develop his reading skills in four short months at a grade and a half level above where they had been prior. However, she is not only this way with my child, she is fair and just and rallies for all of her students! Her way of teaching is exceptional and the techniques she uses in her teaching are hands on, repetitive and very relatable to my child, who has been thriving like I have never seen before. To give a particular example, my child, will come home rambling off facts from History he has learned with Mrs. Kingsley, including a special lecture she put together for her students on 9/11 (where I actually learned numerical facts/statistics from my child). She teaches so enthusiastically and has an ability to connect with her students that is influential! Additionally, Mrs. Kingsley goes above and beyond her immediate classroom. She has started many kinds of extra curriculum activities in our school including; 1. Camp Invention during the summer that promotes STEM, 2. annual science night for the school, involving slime, LED beads, exploding volcanoes and more! She is also our school uniform coordinator. Even more, recently, the senior students were auctioning cakes, so Mrs. Kinglsey volunteered and made SEVERAL cakes and donated her own time to baby-sit the students of the winning cake. I believe her cake was the most sought after. She has a reputation at our school for being AWESOME! In her spare time, she tutors the students that are in need of help. I have observed that her day starts at 6am and ends at 7pm, however she serves with enthusiasm, a smile and graciousness that INSPIRES not only her students, but the parents and the rest of the school body! Many times, she lends an ear and listens to those who need counsel regarding education. She truly inspires us all to have such a zeal for people! Let's go back to my turtle; it brings me great joy, to see a teacher love, respect and coach my child as much as we do in our family. Please understand the monument of this statement. And, it's not only my child, that Mrs. Kingsley has inspired over her 17-years as an educator, it is many who have transformed from turtles into grand avian-like beings, ready to soar. Mrs. Kingsley goes above and beyond to create a classroom environment that emulates cohesiveness and excellence. She purchases items for our children to further promote their learning, encouraging every turtle to fly! This short and humble blurb, I have written re: Mrs. Kinglsey, does not do justice of her true ability and presence. I humbly ask you to consider her as the winning candidate. She is the most deserving!


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