Student Nomination Story

My name is Soham Solanki, and I am an 8th grader at Eastview Middle School. Before I met and actually gotten to know Mr. Baker, I struggled to wake up each morning to get ready and go to school. I despised even the idea of "learning." Then, I met Mr. Baker. At first, he was a very.... interesting person, then I really got to know him better. He's one of the most chill and "hip" teachers in the school. He is one of the most inspiring teachers who actually make History class fun and interesting by adding one of his own jokes and stories that connect to our lesson. He is the reason I look forward to History class everyday and there's not a single day I despise coming to his class, as he makes it engaging and fascinating to learn about normally boring topics, like Congress and the House of Representatives. He's not like one of those teachers who gives us work on our laptops and doesn't even care about us. He genuinely cares about us. He adds his own fictional anecdotes to explain these lessons like it's so easy but nobody knows how he comes up with it. He makes every topic crystal-clear by making connections so us students can relate and it makes it easier to remember what he says. He makes those connections by connecting the history lessons to present-day issues, like President Trump being impeached by the House, he explains how that happens. Contrary to being a "chill" and "hip" teacher, he takes listening and participation very seriously and wants to succeed in his class.

Soham Solanki

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