Student Nomination Story

Mr. Harvey has helped me and many other students with homework and other school work. The kids who always have their headphones in and hoods up love Mr.Harvey and he makes sure they get to class and stay out of trouble. He can get the kids who do not like school to work hard which most teachers can't. All of his students love him and he has inspired many students to work hard and aim for a bright future! He has worked with troubled kids in the past who refuse to work but now because of him have jobs and are living a educated life. Most people at Franklin would say Harvey's class is their favorite class of the day, history is usually a boring class but Harvey Makes it fun to learn! He has inspired many students to stay in school and work hard for a good future! He is a great friend and teacher to all students and when ever students walk by he gives them a positive compliment and they compliment him on his shoes. Me and many students of his really want him to get recognized for his accomplishments and he deserves recognition for everything he does for students. We hope him winning teacher of the year will show that even though he isn't getting paid as much, he still works hard and loves to teach his students and help them in not only school but life.

Kennedy Meredith

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