Student Nomination Story

Frau is the best teacher ever! She is true angel. She has taught my older brother, me, and next year will teach my younger brother. Students take German because of her and the standards she has created. She imparts knowledge in a fun and positive way. In addition, she cares about people - not just her students, but her student's parents, the staff, fellow teachers, etc. When students are seriously sick or injured, she reassures them that everything will be alright and not to worry about her class until they are caught up in other classes and then she will tutor them in just about any subject beyond hers if they need it. She opens her classroom before & after school, during lunch & pep rallies so that students can have a quiet place to study. She attends several student activities and even chaperones events outside of her own. When she came to Lake six years ago, only 89 students were enrolled in German. Last year that number more than doubled to 210 and a second teacher had to be added. Frau ensured that teacher would also be compensate also. In addition, I know that she really helped students such as my brother through hard times and showed them that they were loved and wanted members at Lake. She can really make people feel special and wanted and to feel like they are a part of the greater community. In addition, she uses her own money to help sponsor fun activities for her students and gives her graduating seniors very nice gifts. Truly, she is an angel and has saved lives, made learning fun and stress-free, and supports the surrounding community. My mother was a teacher and she says that Frau is an extraordinary teacher. She goes above and beyond what is required of teaching. I would agree with my mom. Frau is a kind woman who has really grown the German program at Lake. Why in her first year, she took students to Houstonfest (German UIL) which was if not the first time, it was the first time in many years. Her students brought home several wins and they came in first for schools overall. Thus, she is clearly not just a wonderful person, but a great teacher. She has grown a program successfully and has taught students to love learning. Please consider her for an award for she is truly deserving. She has even gone to bat for me. I am dyslexic and she does what she can to help me. I truly appreciate her as does so many others.

Ryan Clayton

All my life I have wondered who my safety net would be in case something horrible happened in my life. Who would be there when life went side ways? I found this out my sophomore year of high school when my father passed away after having health issues. My teacher Mrs. Kessler better known as Frau (Mrs. In German) was the very first person outside of family and friends to know about what had happened. After only a year of having her as a teacher there was an unbreakable sense of trust and a feeling that she actually cared what went on in my life outside of school, she truly understands what students go through and wants to guide them not only in German but in life. After I told her about what had happened she was always there for me and was very supportive. Mrs. Kessler helped me through a time in my life that cause some people to fall apart at the age I was. Mrs. Kessler has changed my life and will change the lives of many more students to come through her caring personality, trust with her students, and by seining students as more than just children.

Ian Miller

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