Student Nomination Story

I, Axton along with my brother Alex, are nominating Mrs. McElroy because she is fun, she makes learning easy and she inspires her students. She makes class exciting, and we love being around her. She truly cares about each one of her students. Last year when Alex had her for 5th grade, he wore a wig for a project to impersonate her 5-inch blonde hair, and she laughed and laughed. Teaching just comes naturally for Mrs. McElroy. She can explain things easily and we want to learn more. All of her subjects are fun and her projects are even better. For example. Alex did a project for Mrs. McElroy on the effectiveness of advertising. She submitted Alex's report to the company, probably not expecting anything. But, because she is such an incredible teacher, she showed me how to write, they read the report and Marla, the Associate Brand Manager for toy brands Orbeez and Etch A Sketch at Spin Master - wrote back! She even sent toys! Next, even though we were still restricted by the pandemic she managed to arrange for Alex's class to go to Rice University for a field trip. Alex also did the Google Genius hour, he created a presentation on coding and presented to the entire class. On the first day of school in 5th school we both did a project! The egg drop is so much fun! So for me Axton, I have her n0w that I am in 5th grade. She nominated me for the Lone Star Leadership Academy. She believes in me. She pushes me to do more. I am so lucky I get to be in her class for the rest of the year. If i was writing this at the end of the year this letter would be wayyy longer. We love Mrs. McElroy

Axton and Alex Drier

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