Student Nomination Story

From simple "how are you?" to never ending laughter. There's a million reasons why I believe Ms. Tan is one of the best teachers. Keeping a smile on not only my face, but the hundreds of students she teaches every day seems effortless. She approaches our school every day with confidence. When I first met Ms. Tan we actually got off on the wrong foot. I was somewhat disruptive in class, but simply because I was bored. She always did her best to teach my class but the other children were just simply too out of control. Although, a few months later our class' problems were resolved, Ms. Tan was in control. I soon realized what a great teacher she was, it's like she had done this her whole life, although this was only her first year. The school year isn't quite over yet but Ms. Tan has already had such a huge impact on so many student's lives. She always offers help to me whenever I'm facing problems , and she can always bring me up when I'm feeling down. Sadly, I won't be in any of Ms. Tan's classes next year, but I'll definitely make sure to stop by and see how she's doing. I'm sure she'll inspire another group of teenagers much like my friends and I. Ms. Tan's ability to lift people up and motivate them to be great is why I think she's one of the best teachers.

Jackson Minor

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