Student Nomination Story

Mr. Anderson has impacted my life academically, and has inspired me spiritually by being the person he is himself. He does not have to define who he is because he shows many students how to be okay with being themselves. During his teaching, his impact on students is to always make sure they’re involved. As his student, that is something I very much enjoyed because there are students who may be outgoing but not enough when they feel uncomfortable. This is a characteristic that I have taken from him because I am now able to get people to open up with me that includes their daily lives. He is a teacher that pushes students to thrive more than the fixed mindset students have. Additionally, Anderson is an open soul that many appreciate for another individual that is like this that fulfills Manual as a school. Anderson has helped change my mindset academically by pushing me in class that leads a great outcome of hard work. Everyday all I had to do was show up and show out to get me through a day of Anderson’s class as well as my work ethic. And because of this, Anderson had chose me of four other students to nominate to go to Harvard. This changed me academically because during the summer I was able to go out to Harvard’s campus and study business for a week. If it wasn’t for him, I would’ve never got the once and a life time opportunity that I did. Anderson always thinks of himself as a number one priority but as long as he’s stable enough, he will then strive out to students and does what he can to make an impact on every student he possibly can. He does this to show students what a teacher may be capable of by guiding students of life reality students will face after high school. Not many teachers give reality conversations. Although, he will be ready for these talks whenever students are ready to take that.

Zenique Padilla

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