Student Nomination Story

I took guitar in 9th grade. I already played chords, but I didn't read music. It was hard. I helped others, tutoring them. It helped me to learn more. Ms. Sarnoff was tough, but fair, struck but funny. Nobody gets her jokes, that's ok. She stays after school whenever anyone needs her to stay. She tutors kids, so they can really learn to play. If we want scholarships to college she will work with us until we get what we need to be successful. I still struggle with note playing, but that's ok... I learned so much more than just notes. Ms. Sarnoff found out I lived on a boat. Venice Boys and Girls club was offering a sailing program, "Learn to Sail". I didn't sail, then, but she wanted my brother and I to come to the sailing program anyway. She took us under her wing. By working on the boats, she got us a job working on boats. I bought a car with that money and this summer, my brother and I will travel to Canada, after we graduate. When Ms. Sarnoff found out I had not yet applied to college, she "got on me". You need to apply. She knew I wanted to learn to fly, and get my Captain's license (Like her). She knew I needed to go to college. I applied to Orange Coast. It's a junior college with careers in boating. I got accepted. I know where I'm going. She isn't just like this for me... she's like this for everyone. She helps you set your compass and go.

Netanya Wallin

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