Student Nomination Story

Ms. Wendy Osawa is a great teacher. She uses her heart to teach all the students, also she will listen to all the students and what they need. My son loves to learn with her.

Tuan Duc Nguyen (Hasan)

I heard a little bit about honored and what your organization is trying to do, my wife and I think it's great that you are doing this and most definitely we'd love to nominate Ms. Wendy Osawa. She has been wonderful and very impactful in our son live. Ms. Osawa was his teacher In Highschool, in Special Ed. Our son is in the Autism Spectrum , and we feel so indebted to her hard work and dedication in our son's academic achievements, and personal growth, our son is now attending a special program from the School District named LIFT, is a transitional program where he is thaught, working and social skills, and we recognized that only because the true dedication, patience and guidance that Ms. Osawa gave our son, he is in the program achieving new goals in his life. Thank you Ms. Osawa!

Angelo Pacheco

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