Student Nomination Story

Here is my story about my favorite teacher of all time so the teacher I am nominating is Ms. Mckim she has help me the past two year to learn and grow my creativety mindset. She's been there for me when time were rough. She also helps my friends to she go out of her way to make sure that we have the best education oppurtunity to learn. She is one of the nicest she is also so smart and beautiful she is like my 2nd mom. She is always there at school no matter what. She made me look at school a different way, in a more successful way i guess she like my best friend you can always count on her to help and there is alot more that I can say about my teacher but this is enough. My teacher means a lot to me I would never be where I am now without her i really apreaciate her. Thank you Ms. Mckim. I hope you are doing great. Never give up.

Marshall Bailey

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