Student Nomination Story

Teachers are the most important thing in this society. Teachers help the younger generation learn skills and life lessons we will all need to remember when we grow older and become adults. Some of these teachers never get credit for the work that they do. The teacher I am nominating is Victor Oquendo. He is a very great teacher for the way he teaches his students life lessons, special audio skills, and becoming a reliable adult for the students he teaches. Victor Oquendo is an audio production teacher and has many great qualities to his teaching. He will always make sure that the students he teaches understand the topic being discussed. Victor also wants to make sure that all of his students are heard. Victor Oquendo is also a very trusted friend of many students. He will always want to make sure the students are okay and taken care of. He has shown my friends and me so many skills in the audio world and in the real world. He makes sure to teach us lessons for the future. He will always be there for us and hopes that we all have futures. Victor Oquendo has changed my life.

Sarah Hall

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