Student Nomination Story

Before I got to his class I loved to sing, but I couldn’t hit certain notes and I also was having a little trouble getting enough air to sing. I didn't know how to read certain music notes until he taught me so it was very difficult for me to read music. Lots of times when I was in his class I always felt like something was gonna be too hard for me to do or I couldn’t do it, but Mr. Deluca always pushed me to try because he knew what I was capable of even when I was always doubting myself. I remember one time we were singing titanium and in the beginning I did not like the song because I didn’t like how it was formatted and I’m a soprano so I had to hit some really high notes. I kept telling Mr. Deluca I couldn’t do it and I felt I was gonna strain my voice but he showed me techniques on how to get enough air to be able to get the high notes out and ever since then I like the song.

Za’Nya Belton

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