Student Nomination Story

Mrs. Necolettos will forever be my favorite and most memorable teacher. In eleventh grade, I was assigned to her class for my AP language and composition course. I read her name in my schedule and thought to myself, “Oh great, another one of my brother’s past teachers for them to compare me to him yet again.” My brother was some sort of extraordinary student and I happened to have a lot of his former teachers. It seemed none of them saw me for me and simply Michael’s younger sister. I never seemed to be as good to any of them. Mrs. Necolettos never compared me to my older brother. She got to know me for what I am, and pretty well too. She has a bubbly, caring personality that keeps you engaged and encourages her students. She’s taught me a lot and never brought me down. Her criticism was constructive rather than aggressive. She’s been with me through the treacherous college process and fear of rejection, to some of my greatest accomplishments. Approaching the end of my senior year, i’ve only known her for two years but it feels like a lifetime. She has truly changed my life for the better and had an immense impact on not only my education, but my character. I can’t tell you how many teachers have done that for me, because until now there was none.

Sophia Jovovich

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