Student Nomination Story

Mrs. Necolettos is a one-of-a-kind teacher, pulled right out of movies like Dead Poets Society and Stand and Deliver. This year, I have been fortunate to have her as a teacher in my Dual Enrollment Composition and Literature class. Before taking her class, I was someone who hated writing essays and having to read. In previous English classes, the subject matter would always bore me. Little did I know that when I first stepped into her room, she would change my mind about English, to it becoming my favorite subject. Mrs. Necolettos brings a certain electricity to her teaching, keeping her students engaged. During the Composition unit of our class, she did something that no other teacher in my 12 years of education has let me do- she let us pick what we wanted to write. Her teaching has transformed my view of writing, making it one of my hobbies. She has taught me how to write clearly and effectively, which will help me in college next year. Additionally, Mrs. Necolettos brings her high energy to her teaching literary material. For the Literature unit of our class, she has helped her students connect with the characters on the page. She goes beyond the textbook, making sure her students grasp the material. The energy she brings into the classroom makes it worth going to school every morning. Additionally, Mrs. Necolettos teaches AP Language & Composition and Leadership. On top of teaching these three different subjects, Mrs. Necolettos is working on getting her PhD in Ethical Leadership. She brings what she is currently learning through her PhD program to her teaching, Including creating an entire leadership curriculum for the Archdiocese of Miami. On top of all that she does in the classroom, Mrs. Necolettos invests her own time in seeing if all of her students are on track with the college admissions process. Personally, her writing advice and knowledge of the college admissions process have helped me greatly. While writing my college essays, I would often panic and ask her to read them the day they were due, to which she would quickly give her feedback. She became known among the senior class for providing the best essay feedback. Random kids were requesting her to read their college essays. She has helped many through the college admissions process and is one of the reasons why many students, including myself, were able to get into their dream schools. Mrs. Necolettos does this because she cares about all of her students and wants to see us follow our passions, not because it is her job. Mrs. Necolettos cares deeply about all of her students. She has been a core source of support for many, including myself. While dealing with college admissions, the beginning of my senior year was a stressful time for me. If something was up, Mrs. Necolettos could notice from my body language right when I would walk through the door. Her investment in the well-being of all of her students makes her such a great teacher. Mrs. Necolettos has turned my outlook on writing, now into something I am passionate about. Currently, we both are working on establishing a writing center at my high school, to advance other students' writing, as she did for me. I am grateful to have gotten the opportunity to have learned from Mrs. Necolettos. I can say that she has been the most impactful teacher I have ever had.


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