Student Nomination Story

Mr. Travis Yager is a brand new teacher. He has joined a very poor and struggling music program, and he strives to make it better. To better us, not only as musicians, but as people. He connects with us on every level, goes out of his way to make sure we succeed. There is nights he doesn’t get home till 8 PM or even later. With such a busy schedule, he barely sees his wife, Mrs. Yager. Mr. Yager teaches Orchestra, Concert band, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band, Guitar 1 and 2, and Marching Band. He also is a technician for the District 49 Indoor Percussion Groups, as well as conducting for the Musical. He is devoted to this job, not only for the passion of music, but for the passion of making young adults succeed and inspire. Mr. Travis Yager is one of the best and most caring and devoted person and teacher you will ever meet.

Dylan Shay

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