Student Nomination Story

When I came to South Hills High School I was afraid. I thought that because of my English and because I was new to the U.S, people would not want to be friends with me. I thought that High School was going to be the hardest four years of my life. However when I got to meet my Algebra 1 teacher, I knew it was going to be an amazing year. Math has been one of the hardest but funnest subjects for me and when I started in Mrs. Nguyen class I had no idea how to solve equations. It was hard honestly and I felt very bad about myself but Mrs. Nguyen saw potential in me, so she gave me time to learn at my own phase. Months later I was one of the top students in Mrs. Nguyen class, that is when started to change my life. Her class is challenging, you have to work very hard in order to be the best but she always encourages her students to be good and to really work hard for what you want. She always gives us speeches ( I have her for geometry now) and I’ve found them to be more than helpful. She shared us her story of how she came here and how much her parents worked to give her siblings and her a better future. Mrs. Nguyen opened her heart to us and shared how much she misses her mom and the love she has for her, told us that we have to appreciate life and the people around us. She is my role model because she is smart, kind, compassionate, understanding and never giving up on her goals. She has been nominated as one of the best math teachers in the entire Fort Worth Independent District, and trust me that she really deserves that title because she teaches us to never give up, to always keep going no matter the circumstances and honestly this makes me think that if she did it I can too! The best thing is that I can relate so much with her. My parents also worked for years to give us a better future, I’ve also struggle with English and I also have an infinite love for my mom and I am also very scared of losing her because of a illness, but still she is always shining with a smile on her face. Mrs. Nguyen has been there for all of her students, she is like our school mom because she cares about every single one of her students. There was this time that I was fighting with anemia and anxiety. She told me that I was strong enough, that I could not let myself down because of a illness and honestly she was a huge motivation to keep fighting. Now I am in top 4 out of 499 students in my sophomore class. With tears on my face I write this to let everyone know that Mrs. Nguyen is an extraordinary person and the best teacher I’ve ever had that really brightens my day and makes me want to succeed in life and gradually keep growing mentally and as a person, I am more than grateful to had have her as my Algebra1 teacher and now my Geometry teacher and I am also grateful for her support and her motivational speeches.

Mariana Soto

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