Student Nomination Story

The entire time that we've been dealing with this pandemic, Mrs. Wescott has been a lifeline to the parents and students alike. In addition to emailing regularly, creating a Lower Elementary Website for parents, and hosting Zoom sessions to communicate directly with parents, she also engages the students in a comforting and patient manner. As a lower elementary teacher in Montessori, she has 1st - 3rd graders in her class. It is challenging to teach using the Montessori method online because their curriculum is very hands on. They learn and reinforce learning by doing. Despite the distance, my daughter remains engaged each day (since the spring) and always comments on how Mrs. Wescott makes online learning fun. All of the teachers everywhere are heroes, but I can't imagine having another teacher during this time as we all learn together to navigate distance learning. Also, over the summer, my daughter entered an international contest to write about how COVID-19 impacted her life. She won 1st place for her age group, which included a prize, and she attributed her teacher, Mrs. Wescott, as being a key person that helped her transition to online learning in the spring of 2019. Naomi's presentation of her essay is available on facebook (start at 18:00):

Naomi Mensah

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