Student Nomination Story

In a world completely turned upside down by a pandemic, Ms. Murphey has been a shining star. Ms. Murphey has been exceptional in her teaching and in her patience with her students and their individual situations. With my own daughter, Jesse, Ms. Murphey, who is not a special education teacher, has taken the time to make Jesse feel comfortable speaking out in her virtual classroom, as well as, encouraged Jesse to step outside of her comfort zone to participate. Even when Jesse's answers are not correct, Ms. Murphey is patient and kind. Jesse has severe dyslexia that has caused many issues in the past that have pushed Jesse to shrink away. However, in Ms. Murphey's class, Jesse is excited to tune in and learn. In the beginning of this school year, Jesse was struggling with the amount of typing and reading required. At the first mention of this to Ms. Murphey, there was an immediate change. Suddenly, there was Ms. Murphey's voice on every slide. She personally went in and read all of the assignments and recorded it. This was such a blessing to us! At every turn, she has been accommodating and helpful. She even records her classes for students that cannot attend at the time she teaches the synchronized classes.

Jesse Bowen

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