Student Nomination Story

Mrs. Kitzman has made a giant impact on not just me, but many other students at RMS. Mrs. Kitzman has been there for me since I walked through those middle school doors as a tiny 6th grader. I have watched her grow as a person just as much as she has watched me grow as an individual. My science teacher broke my science project, and Mrs. Kitzman was more than happy to supply me with four chicken eggs so I could conduct my experiment for the science fair. She is a teacher that actually cares about her students and will do anything to help them succeed. I was in her Social Studies class for three years, and those were the best three years of my life. She made a boring subject fun, and interesting to learn about. On the last day of eighth grade we had a heart to heart moment while we cried together saying our last goodbyes before I went off to high school. She was by far my favorite teacher and forever will be. She is kind, compassionate, sweet, and such and optimistic person that lights up a room whenever she enters one. I can't help but smile thinking about all the good times and slightly less good times in her classroom. She tried her best to keep us moving and wanted the best for all of her students. I wish that I could go back to the good old days where I first met Mrs. Kitzman so I cant build that amazing relationship with her over the three amazing years I had at RMS. I know I'm a little older now and at high school, but I never got to give her the proper thank you that she deserves.

Leslie Pettorini

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