Student Nomination Story

I am writing this for my son who is lucky enough to have Traci Barnes as a teacher. Ms. Barnes works in Beaver Dam for an alternative education group of kids that need special help. My son Conner has some anger issues and has a tendency to get frustrated when he doesn't understand something. I have to admit, I wasn't so sure about him being involved in this program at first. But ever since Conner joined the Don Smith Learning Academy (DSLA) with Ms. Barnes, he has made such strides. He has learned so much. But it isn't just all the things he has learned. Ms. Barnes comes to work every day and is so patient with these kids. She is so positive. She knows how to handle each one and sits with each one during each of their "moments". She has talked to them and teaches them each subject and each of their grades. Conner cares so much about her and his face lights up when he spends time with her. Just watching him with her melts my heart. I have never seen a teacher that has so much compassion and love for kids, no matter how much grief they may give her. And there are days she gets a lot of grief. I don't know how she does what she does every day. Some times it is a lot to deal with all those kids, but she is just amazing. Every time I think about it, it puts tears in my eyes. I wouldn't trust anyone with Conner as much as I do her. She is an amazing teacher and an amazing person. She totally deserves to be honored every day of the year. She is awesome. Thank you for letting me tell you about her because there is no one else like her. She is one of a kind.

Conner Schade

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