Student Nomination Story

This teacher is the most amazing and effective teacher any of my kids have had so far, and I have meet tons of teachers I have 4 children all in school my oldest is 16 and I’ve meet so many teachers throughout the year, this one is the one whom had made the biggest impact in my sons life. He absolutely is setting him up for success, at first I thought he’s really strict but he’s just old school my son did not like being in his class, my boy is easily distracted and a bit a clown but the knowledge he comes home to teach me is so cool the uniqueness of his teaching style is appreciated work study hard and then song of the day music my son never heard before is like cool history to him, the silliness after a hard testing day, new words he learned “ Intricate” in a sentence at home have me stopping what I’m doing to ask him if he knows the meaning of what he said. He does! It’s amazing. The grafting of my kids testing is unbelievable but I also see his interest of learning his brain is sparkling like sparkler’s! I feel like he should be appreciated more than he is, the level where people outside his classroom know he’s super good!!! Thx Isabel M.

Orlando Munoz

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