Student Nomination Story

Mr. Gliniecki By Marlee Wahlig, grade 11 Through all of the years I had been taking a Spanish class, I adored the subject. Language comes naturally to me, for 4 years straight, I thrived in Spanish class, even making it into an advanced class, the class above my grade level. In sophomore year, I was in Spanish III with Mr. Gliniecki. For part of the year, I was doing great in understanding and applying concepts that we learned in class. I remember Mr. Gliniecki commented on how I was a “strong writer” (in Spanish, of course). Quickly into my Sophomore year, life brought troubles. From my grandparent’s death to my Mom getting breast cancer, it had felt like I was hit by a train. My once straight A’s plummeted to high C’s and low B’s, and it didn’t help that covid was at its peak. I was quarantined so many times, helping my grades fall further. After a two-week-long quarantine, I was thrown right back into the middle of all my classes. At the time, I was not only taking an AP, but I also doubled up on math classes. There was no room for me to miss two weeks of school, virtual learning or not. I struggled with getting back into the routine of school, but Mr. Gliniecki made the transition a lot easier. Not only was his infinite kindness comforting, but his understanding nature was one of the only things that motivated me to take school seriously again. I remember going into Mr. Gliniecki’s class during my study hall to make up a test, and crying in front of him when I told him what had been going on with my life. After talking to him I felt much better about what I was going through and where I was in school. Mr. Glinecki gave me hope to finish this year strong. There are many moments I can recall from Mr. Gliniecki’s class, and all of them were fun. He provides the classroom with a light-hearted atmosphere that makes all the students feel comfortable. I remember the inside jokes made in his class and all the laughs I had. I’ve made many friends from his class and Mr. Gliniecki’s Spanish III class truly made me enjoy school more, so I endlessly thank him.

Marlee Wahlig

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