Student Nomination Story

"Ms. Deer is more than an amazing teacher, she is a perfect teacher." Those are the words of my daughter, Audrey. She has really blossomed this year in Ms. Deer's class. Audrey feels that Ms. Deer gives each child the right amount of attention at the right time and responds to their needs even now when their interactions are over zoom calls due to the Coronavirus pandemic. As a parent, I have been amazed at how Ms. Deer handles a class of 20, 1st with such grace and humor. She has responded to the different levels of educational and behavioral needs and kept the classroom thriving. My daughter comes home so excited and just brimming over with new knowledge and excited to tell me all about the knew information she learned in Ms. Deer's class. Ms. Deer really inspires a love of learning and makes sure that each child is being challenged to accomplish not only educational goals, but that they are learning to be kind and good to one another. She is organized and keeps the parents informed. She handles questions and special requests from parents with her usual good nature. She is filled with joy and it shows. Ms. Deer is the kind of teacher that I hope my daughter has for every year of her schooling.

Audrey Menasce

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