Student Nomination Story

I do not even know where to begin. Miss Tia Barcelona has become a second mother to me. Ever since my freshman year of high school, she has also been a part of every one of her students' success. From being there ever since the first day of high school to watching us walk down not one but two stages (graduating both high school and college with an associate's), she truly made all this happen. Not only did she push her students to complete our FAFSA as it came out, but she also helped us with college applications, scholarships, et cetera. She is truly an inspiration for former, current, and future students. She has never judged me or others and will always be there for us even after graduation. When I needed space and knew that I was mentally drained, she would send me home and give me space. She cares, and that is more than I could ask for. I am forever grateful for her and everything she has done for my education. Thanks to her, I am a salutatorian in my class, with a 4.0+ GPA. As she continues to complete her education in getting a master's degree, I would want to surprise her with this nomination. She should be known for the hard work and sacrifices she has given not only to her students but to the school district as a whole. Words can not explain all that she is/does. Ms.Barcelona, I am so grateful to have you in my life. You have given so much to me and my future, I hope to give back to yours as well. Thank You!

Melinda Kiss

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