Student Nomination Story

Thomas Tucker is a harsh and passionate teacher. He knows how to get a bunch of teenagers to work their butts off in the heat of summer and cold of winters to perform their hearts out. Tucker is in charge of creating the most entertaining shows for his band and for others, he has to maintain an entire group of over 200 kids, yet he helped me personally. As a little freshman wanting to play snare drum with little skills, Tucker believed in me and gave me the opportunity to have my dream. I was behind the other kids and I was an awful player, but Tucker saw something in me, while everyone else didn't and everyone told him to cut me off the line he saw my passion. He took that and met with me every single morning for lessons. He took time out of his stressful, busy schedule to help me get better. Every single practice he was on my tail about everything. He expected only the best from me and showed it when I didn't perform to that expectation. Through the threats to be cut, the screaming at me on the field, and the repeated calling out, I was getting better. Every single day I got better in my playing and in me as a person. I went from a shy little freshman to being a more experienced snare drummer and a strong young woman. Tucker took the time to make me a better drummer and the effort to get me to a better place and every day I am grateful. If there is a teacher in this world that deserves an honor it is Tom Tucker, the most hardworking amazing teacher and mentor there is. He cares not only about what he puts out on the field, but he cares about all of his students and that makes him the best dang teacher there is.

Grace C Strano

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