Student Nomination Story

My teachers sophomore year at Arrowhead High School recommended me to a counselor named Mr. Stuber. His plan was to help me with school work because I started procrastinating. I walk into an office located near the main office where the entrance to the school is. The first time meeting, I was greeted with a firm handshake. I explained everything I was struggling with and he offered to help me every week. I felt that someone at the school finally cared about me. I was excited for someone to help me with not just homework, but for studying for tests and quizzes as well. The first week I learned he always smiled. A big smile spread across his face every time I entered his office. I also learned he would go out of his way to help me. Instead of leaving to pick up his kids, Mr. Stuber took time to walk me to different teacher's rooms to retrieve homework or other materials that would help me for a test or quiz coming up. I learned he didn’t just care about my school life, but he also cared about my life at home as well. He felt not just as a teacher or guidance counselor, but as a friend. The first few weeks went spectacular. Since he helped me with school work, my grades improved. He could tell I was improving but stuck around with me until I left south campus to the intimidating, north campus. He never gave up on me, he was always there when I got in trouble, when I struggled with homework, or when I struggled at home. He smiled as well, even through the hardships, he was always happy and ready to help. This impacted me because he never gave up on me. I had someone to look up to. The last few weeks of sophomore year I’ve never felt more proud of myself. I’m thankful for his help with my life at school and my life at home. I also received a thank you letter from him, explaining how much of a hard worker I was. Without his guidance, I wouldn’t be the same person today. His goal was to help me achieve success. By the end of the semester, I achieved a high GPA that Mr. Stuber were proud of. Mr. Stuber made sure to help me through the semesters which skyrocketed my grades and helped me feel more confident and comfortable taking quizzes, tests, and doing my homework. All my thanks go to Mr. Stuber for helping me throughout both semesters sophomore year. To this day, I feel he made a huge impact on my life and wish he was a guidance counselor at north campus. I hope to visit him at south campus when I have some extra time. Thank you, Mr. Stuber.

Zach Courtney

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