Student Nomination Story

It all started in 9th grade. I did not know Mr. Seaver at all but I had always heard that he was a great teacher with great humor. I would see Mr. Seaver strolling through the halls from time to time not knowing anything about him. I wondered what his voice sounded like and how he acted. To my surprise, my first encounter with Mr. Seaver happened outside of school. I was a 15 year old freshman walking down the street of Milford, MA where Mr. Seaver's mother lives. I had just left my orthodontist appointment on Main Street and was walking back to my car with my Dad who serves the town of Milford as a Police Officer. As we walked down Main Street, I saw in the distance a figure that looked exactly like Mr. Seaver. Simultaneously, my dad noticed a person that looked familiar to him approaching Mr. Seaver. As my dad and I made our way closer to Mr. Seaver, my dad began to realize that the woman that was talking to Mr. Seaver was someone he had dealt with while on the job. My dad and I hustled to Mr. Seaver because he knew the woman was up to no good. As we got close to Mr. Seaver, we could hear the woman harassing him about a cell phone. My dad told the woman to leave him alone and she did, probably only because she had recognized my dad from being dealt with by the police. Ever since that day, Mr. Seaver and I have been great friends and talk every day in school about many different things from history to crazy things that have happened to us on Main Street in Milford. Along with Mr. Seaver serving me as a History teacher for the past two school years, Mr. Seaver also serves as a great friend, mentor, teacher and comedian for me. Mr. Seaver deserves to be recognized for his many years of great teaching.

Bryan Testa

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