Student Nomination Story

The teacher that I would like to nominate is Coach Thomas Leonard. He teaches Physical Education at Alexander City Middle School. He is a graduate of Alabama State University. He is the first male cheer coach in our school system, the BEST one yet. He coaches Middle School cheerleading and he is also the assistant track coach for Ben Russell High School. The reason I am nominating Coach Leonard is because he is very kind, considerate, and is very connected to his students, always available for advice or help. He is a very upbeat, funny and outgoing teacher, who has a very close bond with his students, and makes learning a wonderful and entertaining experience for all of us. He is a teacher who we all look forward to seeing every day, even though I am in high school now. He's a true role model of what you can be if you stay focus and keep your steps in order. On a personal level, Coach Leonard is like a second father to me. He's always supported me in every event that I have participated, talks with me giving me encouragement and constructive criticism, helped with school projects, and just made me feel like I am biologically a part of his family. He truly cares for his students. He may look like he is unapproachable but, he is the guy that will give you his last! He is one of those teachers that likes to take his students and introduce them to things beyond the grade school level that we look forward to in college. He is member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated. He founded our city's first high school fraternity, which I am a member, that in reality changed the lives of many young men in Alexander City. He instilled in myself and other young men, the power and the vision to be successful by going to college, the military, or just giving them the confidence to be a better asset to their community. One thing that he said that sticks with me from day to day is, "Speak what you seek, until you see what you said"! Coach Leonard is truly a 'Class Act" educator!

Desmond Leonard

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